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Endovenous Laser Therapy

This vein treatment procedure utilizes laser energy to achieve proven results without the discomfort and lengthy recovery experienced with the surgical option of stripping and ligation. In a laser treatment, a thin fiber is inserted into the damaged vein. A laser light is emitted through the fiber, delivering just the right amount of energy. The targeted tissue reacts, causing the vein to close and seal shut. The blood is automatically routed to other veins.

Endovenous Radiofrequency Ablation

Endovenous radiofrequency ablation is a minimally invasive treatment utilizing thermal energy. It involves the insertion of a catheter (a thin, flexible tube) into a refluxing or backward-flowing vein to seal it shut using heat. Blood is re-routed into normal, healthy veins, alleviating reflux symptoms. Over time, the treated vein shrinks and is absorbed by the body. Compared to surgical options such as ligation and vein stripping, endovenous ablation results in less pain and has a quicker recovery time.

Spider Veins Injections (Sclerotherapy)

In sclerotherapy, a tiny needle is used to inject the veins with a medication that irritates the lining of the vein. Over a short time, the vein closes in response to the irritation and is reabsorbed. The blood from the closed vein is routed to properly working veins, restoring correct circulation and improving overall appearance.


Microphlebectomy is a minimally invasive technique used to remove unsightly or painful bulging leg veins. It is the recommended treatment for large surface varicose veins. Removal of these veins with microphlebectomy often results in quicker healing, less pain, and a better cosmetic outcome than other treatments. Performed through tiny nicks in the skin, microphlebectomy is far less invasive than surgical stripping. Recovery is more rapid, and most patients do not need to interrupt regular activity after microphlebectomy.

Diagnostic Venous Ultrasound

A diagnostic venous ultrasound is a painless test that uses high-frequency sound waves (ultrasound) to create pictures of the veins, so that your physician can evaluate blood flow, valve function, or the presence of a blood clot in the arm or leg veins. This test may be used to investigate the cause of any symptoms like pain, swelling, and bulging veins in the leg. The presence of a blood clot in the deep veins is known as deep vein thrombosis, while a malfunction of valves in the leg veins (also known as venous insufficiency or venous reflux) results in varicose veins.

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