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Nephrostomy and Biliary Drain Placements

Nephrostomy and biliary drainage are alternatives to surgery. Nephrostomy is a procedure in which a catheter is placed through your skin and into your kidney to drain your urine. X-ray imaging (fluoroscopy) is used to help guide the catheter into exactly the right place to drain your urine. Biliary drainage is performed in the same way as nephrostomy. The catheter is placed into your bile duct to drain your bile. We can replace these tubes for appropriate patients in a pleasant, non-hospital based environment.

Percutaneous Gastrostomy Placement

Medical conditions which limit intake of sufficient food by mouth sometimes require placement of gastrostomy tubes into the stomach so that medications or nutrients can be delivered directly into the gastrointestinal system. Once, surgery was required to insert these tubes, but today, these procedures can be performed at Augusta Vascular Care. In the procedure, the feeding tube is inserted through a small nick in the skin and into the stomach under x-ray guidance.

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